Run ‘N Gun Combos

Run 'N Gun Combos

The Roddy Run 'N Gun combos offer you an effortless way to catch fish. With the On/Off auto-trip free swimming gear engagement system, you can let your bait swim freely or let your fish get the hook into it's mouth without pulling your bait away by having your reel in gear. When a fish takes your bait in free swim function, simply flip the switch into gear or do so by turning the handle, let the line come tight, and set the hook. Great for fishing circle hooks! Many models to choose from for freshwater and saltwater applications. No other company offers a comparable combo at such an aggressive price point!
  • Model
  • Reel
  • FW/SW
  • Lbs Test Line
  • Capacity
  • Ball Bearings
  • Rod Length
  • Pieces
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